Single "Slow"

out May 19th 2023

"See beyond my eyes, see beyond my smile:“ Anouchka Gwen’s new single „Slow“ describes the thrilling early stage of getting to know someone intimately. A soulful and dreamy ballad that aims to reassure the other person to open up and shed their fear: „no pressure, time doesn’t matter.“ With its minimalist array of guitar arpeggios, vocal harmonies and sparkly xylophone notes, „Slow“ is a warm and honest indie tune that lets Anouchka’s voice and personality shine through. - Irascible Music

Single "Affirmations"

out April 14th 2023

Rising indie pop talent Anouchka Gwen is back with a new single! "Affirmations" is a hope filled song that starts with a choir-like intro, where Anouchka Gwen has been inspired by the late Congolese singer King Kester Emeneya. Going through rough times, Anouchka Gwen wrote this song as a tool of empowerment and stepping out of the darkness. Remembering, embracing, and reconnecting with yourself and your roots is something that is often forgotten when you’re wound up in daily occupations and struggles. Affirmations is hug and reminder for the soul, that you are doing great in the process and that self love and trust is the key. - Irascible Music

Growth EP (2019)