About Anouchka Gwen

Anouchka Gwen (*1997) is a swiss born and raised singer-songwriter and bassist currently  based in Basel, Switzerland. Starting in a Band as a singer and bass player in 2017, Anouchka  Gwen developed her passion for songwriting and storytelling as a solo artist. With her first  EP „Growth“ released in 2019, she made herself visible in the Basel music scene.  

„Melancholic, romantic, and maybe a little critical." This is how Anouchka Gwen describes  her music. In her EP “Love Facets” that came out in October 2023, she plays with her passion of fluidity in music and captures the different facets of love from her point of view.

With her dreamy and bassy voice she aims to heal and bring the listeners along in this  journey, where everybody can relate. As an artist with Congolese roots, she’s influenced and  inspired by repetitive, soulful and rhythmic melodies and mixes it with her love for electronic  psychedelic wide pop infused soundscapes. Currently on a concert hiatus, Anouchka Gwen is working on new music behind the scenes and living life.