Dear friends in music,
I am taking a break from performing my music for a year or so. It took a lot of time, courage and tears to come to this conclusion. I have many things to learn and to think about on what my music is and what it should say/make people feel. I have nothing left to say, I said it all, so I need time to live, deeply feel and experience to know what to say again.
A big factor is also me finishing my bachlor in Art School this summer, doing both is just too much for me.
I will be working in the shadows and be active in the cultural scene in different ways, but more slowed down, not leading. Therefore I'll not take any bookings/collaboration requests for the year of 2024. Stay tuned on my socials linked above, I'm part of other beautiful projects, and I'll be back with new music sooner than you think.

Take care and stay healthy.
And always: free falastin, congo, sudan, and all nations suffering.


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